My Story

I've been working with software development businesses, general small businesses, accountants, banks, the IRD and other government departments for the last twenty years here in NZ.  I started with CA-Systems in 1994, selling, supporting, training and installing software for accountants.  That company grew to be the leading supplier of software to accountants in NZ, and was purchased by MYOB in 1999. 

I left CA-Systems in 1998 to work at a small custom software development business in Christchurch, providing niche customised software to a variety of businesses.  Being a small business, we all ended up doing a variety of tasks, and it is here I began writing code and building online products.  MYOB contracted to our business in 2001 to build online web products for Accountants. After successfully completing the rollout of MYOB WebConnect to hundreds of NZ & Australian accountants, MYOB offered me a role, which I accepted in 2002. 

I spent the next 6 1/2 years at MYOB in a variety of key positions including online product developer, NZ IT Manager & Global Product Manager - Third Party Relations, of which a part was managing the MYOB Developer Programme, with hundreds of ISVs that integrated with MYOB business products.  My last role at MYOB was to rollout MYOB BusinessBasics Online to New Zealand.  I accomplished this, and left shortly after in May 2008 to join Xero as part of their executive management team.
At Xero, I was Product Delivery Manager, where I had a development team of 23 staff reporting directly to me, and ensured that we rolled out product releases on a monthly basis.  Being in the online space requires a rapid development approach, without risking data loss or compromising security, and my years as an online software developer certainly helped.  Early in 2009, I moved to a new role as General Manager - Accounting Partners, which required me to go on the road around NZ & Australia running a series of roadshows to Accountants. I finished with Xero in September 2009.
I am sharing my twenty years of experience in the industry with other software development businesses like yours, in NZ & Australia.  My particular areas of expertise are in building successful online products for small businesses and accountants.  I understand what is needed to design, build, market, sell and support these, along with the strategic aspects of leveraging your existing IP and clients. 
If you're embarking on a new project to provide online services, then get in touch.  I've seen so many failed attempts at this in the past, absorbing lots of time and resources, and I'd be happy to discuss how you can avoid the same outcome. Of course, if you've already made a start, and need some help to move to the next stage of growth, then I can help there too.